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The Last Time (featuring Gary Lightbody) - Taylor Swift

"taylors album was leaked wahh wahh wah"

SHUT UP. The album was leaked, yes it sucks, but this has happened with the speak now CD and to be honest, there is obviously someone on Taylor’s team that is untrustworthy. I feel bad about it, but the countless tweets and posts about it isn’t going to change anything. If you own everyone of Taylor’s CDs, have tons of her merch and love her to pieces, does it honestly make you a bad fan to want to listen to the leaked songs? No. They’re out there, just earlier. So grow up and stop acting like kids. If you want to listen to them, do so. If you want to torture yourself, do so. Either way, make sure you purchase the album anyways. 

Now shut up with your life. And by the way “The lucky one” and “22” are my faves. 


Brittany Bergmeister x Jo No Fui S/S 2013 Milan

take a fucking hint


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